The operating system for the last-mile delivery

Transparent, intuitive and efficient delivery software solution to manage your own last mile delivery. You can build your own delivery solution and tailor our delivery software to your operational requirements.

Software solutions

What does our last mile delivery software offer?

Operations Dashboard

Delivery operations management within one intuitive interface

  • Team management and roles allocation
  • Deliveries overview and management
  • Tours progress and tracking
  • Performance overview and data export
Operations Dashboard

Warehouse Scanning Dashboard

Management of parcel scanning and labels per warehouse

  • Multi warehouse setup (presort and last-mile warehouse)
  • Parcel scanning and labeling
  • Parcel overview per warehouse
Warehouse Scanning Dashboard

Delivery Mobile App

Driver app with integrated truck loading assistance and navigation advisor

  • Truck loading scan and parcels overview
  • Deliveries overview
  • In-app navigation and proof of delivery
  • Delay management and reporting
Delivery Mobile App


Optimizing of routes and volume bundling

  • Route optimization
  • Volume bundling

Performance Management

Overview and calculation of driver performance

  • Performance calculation customization
  • Driver rating
  • Driver incentive system
Performance Management

Track & Trace

Modern end-consumer tracking page and notification

  • Status notifications (Email + SMS)
  • Tracking page
  • Issue ticketing
Track & Trace

Why Urbify Last Mile Delivery Software?


One system for your end-to-end delivery solution


Customization options based on your requirements


Fair consumption-based pricing model

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